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The Company's Women’s Forum is aimed at cultivating women leaders. The Forum is focused on recruiting, retention, career advancement and business development activities for women Lawyers. The Forum serves as an internal network to nurture professional skill development and open doors to external networks to support the career and business goals of A & S Jurisprudentia Ltd.’s women lawyers at every level.

At the heart of the Women’s Forum are mentoring circles for women lawyers. Each mentoring circle consists of 8-10 women attorneys from various departments at different experience levels who meet informally on a regular basis to discuss professional development issues such as business development, career advancement and work/life balance.

The mentoring circles are complemented by monthly women associate lunches, which A & S Jurisprudentia Ltd women partners join every quarter.  These lunches often feature discussions led by consultants or in-house counsel. The women partners also meet amongst themselves bi-monthly for lunch or dinner.

The Company serves as host and sponsor of many seminars, round table discussions, and marketing events targeted to business women, and the Forum ensures that A & S Jurisprudentia Ltd’s women Lawyers are active participants and speakers at these events. 



Our Forum:

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Ms. Aayushi


Women's Forum

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