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Website Usage Policy:

The contents of the website are protected as copyright by the company. Any use of data, image or text in any form without the consent of company authority is prohibited.

The developer of the website has tried to avoid any errors, either grammatical or spelling, though there may be presence of slight error in the contents of the website. The owner as well as developer disclaims such liability.

The user is advice to consult other authoritative sources before relying upon any such contents of the website.

How to fill up the forms on the website.

The forms of the website may take some time to load completely. The user are requested to wait before proceeding further until it loads completely. In some cases the PAY NOW button may appear before the form loads completely, in such case user should wait until it loads.

The forms where Payment of any amount is requested, the filling up of the form must be done in following ways to avoid inconvenience. 

Step 1. Wait for the forms to load completely.

Step 2. After all the contents of the form appears on the screen, click on PAY NOW. This will lead to a third party link (instamojo) for payment process.

Step 3. Complete the payment on Instamojo of the required amount. The total payment amount may be slight higher than the mentioned amount because of the convenience charges levied by Instamojo payment gateway and taxes. To avoid such charges user are suggested to use Bank Transfer/NEFT method on payment window

Step 4: After payment is successful, Take a note of PAYMENT ID displayed on the screen or received on your phone number. If by any reason you have failed to take note of the payment id, contact us immediately with full details of phone number, name and email provided on payment window.

Step 5: Visit the Form again which may be open in your browser tab already (if not, open it again as you have done for the first time).

Step 6: Fill the details of form carefully. In case of confusion while filling up the form, refer to 'help' at the right upper corner of each field or contact us. Please avoid mistakes while filling up details.

Step 7: In forms where files are to be uploaded, use commonly used file formats of extensions like .pdf, .docx, .jpg etc. Avoid uploading bigger files. In most cases the file should be less than 1MB. Wait for few minutes after files are selected by you, it may take some time in uploading file depending on your network speed and website traffic. Once your file name appears below the Upload field, proceed to filling other details. 

Step 8: After making sure all the details are filled correctly, submit the form by SUBMIT button at the bottom. But before this check once again that you have filled PAYMENT ID filed correctly (if the form contains PAY NOW button with it).

Website loads Slow?

Despite all our efforts to make our website more accessible and user friendly, the website may sometimes happen to load slowly. 

This may happen because of following reasons.

Slow Internet Connection: Our website uses High end graphics and customized texts, it may take a while to load completely on slow networks. Please have patience.

Cookies: The website uses cookies and caches to make our website more user friendly and faster in future connections. It may load slow, if you have switched off cookies on your browser.

Device: The website may run slow on older devices or devices with low end specifications(software as well as hardware). It may also load a bit slow on mobile handsets. We suggest you to use better devices or PCs for better experience.

Traffic: In its peak time, because of higher traffics, some users may experience slow loading of website. In that situation we request you to try again later for better experience.

Change Website Language

For utmost user experience, the website is made available in two Languages: Hindi & English.

To change preferred language, visit footer of the page (or header) and select English/Hindi written with the Flag below "View website in". Click on the English/Hindi and then it'll ask from you to choose a language between two. Select any of them and it'll be set as your default language for the session.

You can also put (hi.) before any of our url to change the language to hindi. Remove (hi.) from the beginning of url and refresh it to access the website in Its default English Language.

Note: English is the Default language of the website, if not changed to hindi.

How to access Main Menu of the website while using a mobile browser?

Accessing Main Menu of the website while using Mobile Phone Browser is so simple. Click on the Three Horizontal Lines Icon available on the Header of website. It will open Main Menu. Select any Menu from the List below to open the Page. Click down arrow symbol beside a Menu to Browse list of Submenu.

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