A & S's Special Corner for "Law Graduates"

Law Graduates after their Degree as Law graduates often feels Insecurity as they feel a lot of differences in Bookish Knowledge and their Practices in the courts.

Our Team of Professionals and academicians with their unique methods of teaching and training provides the students all the skills to be the Best of Lawyer inside them. We shapes their degree into something the education system of our country must have provided:THE 100% JOB SECURITY

Some Important Keynotes of this Programme are:

  • Professional training by well Known Academicians and Professional Lawyers.

  • Customized training program according to the aspirant's need.

  • During law course at university, Training during semester breaks.

  • "End Training Common Assessment Test"

  • Placement at various legal posts according to the Rank and Merit in End Training Common Assessment Test (ETCAT).

  • Value Efficient Training Pragram starting at INR 1 Lakh only for an Year duration.

  • Free Training to selected 100 students.

  • Different Training programs for Judiciary aspirants and people seeking glorious career as Lawyer in Higher Courts.


"I came here as a Law intern. After a month of experience here my perspective to law has totally changed. I used to thing that I can't succeed as a Lawyer after completing my Law Degree unless I come from the Law Background but it turned out to be a myth. I met Alok sir here and he just not only guided me but also promised me provide all the background through the company if necessary

—  Warsha, 1st year student

@ FIMT, IPU Delhi

CIN No: U74999DL2016PLC302708

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