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A deep commitment to pro bono legal work has been A&S jurisprudential ltd.’s hallmark since we successfully represented the plaintiffs and defendents in many public welfare case for indigent people from very beginning of the company. Then and now, we believe that freely sharing our talents with individuals and the community makes us better lawyers, better people, and a better company to sort out the m,ajor problems of the people in recent scenario. Our dedication to pro bono work extends through our offices in whole delhi, Allahabad, Kanpur and  hamirpur

In a typical year, A&S jurisprudential ltd  handles approximately 1000 matters and contributes approximately 24,000 hours to our pro bono program, accounting for more than five percent of the company’s work. We also serve the community in other ways, including board involvement and charitable organizations.

Our peers have acknowledged A&S jurisprudential ltd Key areas we address on a pro bono basis include domestic violence, gay/lesbian rights, housing, environmental protection, disability rights, health care, prisoners’ rights, voting rights, immigration/political asylum, taxation, and education/charter schools. We also advise nonprofits, inner-city businesses, artists, and domestic and international inventors.

Join Us in this Nobel Cause

Because a helping hand is always better than the Praying Lips.
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