A and S Jurisprudentia’s Privacy & Data Security practice group is comprised of a highly experienced team of practitioners in India who can help you navigate the growing complexities of privacy and data security law. Our attorneys can help you understand and maneuver through issues and manage risks inherent in the maintenance, protection, use and disclosure of sensitive data. We are dedicated to keeping you a step ahead, using hands-on experience to guide your business through every facet of the privacy and data security challenges it may face. Members of our Privacy & Data Security team are widely sought-after for their expertise and experience, and have spoken at numerous programs and provided insights to media outlets.

Our Privacy & Data Security practice group provides a comprehensive suite of services that address the myriad legal and policy challenges:

  •   Complying with state, federal and international laws that govern information security, identity theft, and surveillance

  •     Assisting with state and federal investigations (including by the FTC, SEC, HHS, and OCR) 

  •      Developing privacy and information security policies

  •      Negotiating third-party data security agreements

  •   Investigating, litigating and resolving security incidents, including competitive espionage and proprietary data leaks

  •     Counseling on corporate governance

  •   Advising clients on safeguarding company records, financial information and other valuable information assets

Privacy Compliance

Whether your company is a start-up beginning to consider privacy compliance and data security, an established Fortune 500 company looking to revise or implement a comprehensive privacy plan across offices internationally, or a growing non-profit, A and S Jurisprudentia’s Privacy & Data Security practice group has attorneys who have already dealt with – and can anticipate – your privacy and security needs. As such, our team has compiled privacy policies, website terms and conditions, and written information security plans that meet the specific needs of a spectrum of organizations considering compliance in a host of jurisdictions. We have also worked with computer forensic teams to conduct gap analyses, and assisted in government-mandated security remediation plans.

Data Breach Response

No risks can be fully eliminated, and organizations oftentimes find themselves in the midst of responding to an information security breach. A and S Jurisprudentia’s in-house Cybersecurity Incident Response Team is on call to assist you with a data breach – helping you ask the right questions, navigating a compliant response, and interacting with law enforcement as needed. Timeliness, responsiveness and a broad understanding of the array of different obligations are key to effective legal representation, and A and S Jurisprudentia is ready to assist. In addition, we have well-established relationships with forensic experts, public relations professionals and other services providers you may need to respond to a data breach.


With data privacy practitioners in our offices, A and S Jurisprudentia has assisted dozens of organizations in their efforts to comply with the European Union’s initial Privacy Directive and the current General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). GDPR compliance inquiries from our clients range from whether compliance is necessary, to how compliance can be affected in a cost-effective manner, to breach response and interaction with European legal authorities. Our broad range of collective experience is an invaluable asset in considering novel legal questions arising from a new legal regime with significant jurisdictional reach and compliance implications.

Litigation and Investigation Defense

A and S Jurisprudentia’s Data Privacy & Security practice group includes a stable of litigators who have experience in defending against consumer lawsuits, class actions, and state and federal government investigations – including by the FTC, SEC, HHS and OCR. Our attorneys have also assisted organizations that have faced litigation stemming from third-party hacks, competitive espionage and proprietary data leaks.

Mergers & Acquisitions

A and S Jurisprudentia attorneys are skilled at understanding the myriad complexities arising from business transactions requiring extensive due diligence, and can help identify privacy-related questions that are an increasingly important and resource-intensive feature of modern day transactions.

We are well-versed regarding compliance with federal laws and regulations

Further Insights

For the latest developments in privacy and data security, turn to A and S Jurisprudentia’s Security, Privacy and the Law blog, which focuses on the security and privacy issues encountered by businesses that often require immediate and discreet solutions. Here our attorneys – many from the Data Privacy & Security practice group – cover topics that arise from guiding] clients through the process of complying with the ever-growing number of state, federal and international laws governing information security, identity theft, surveillance and other privacy issues.

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