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LOCKDOWN 4.0: Impact on Judicial System

The world is going through unprecedented times, an era most of us have never thought could be happen. Our belief and reliance on the Technology, had created a false sense of Indestructibility and Immortality in our minds. This pandemic has taught us many lessons; and self-reliance, sustainable development, paramountcy of nature and mankind is most important among them. This global pandemic has resulted in fears in the mind of people associated with the contagion, job loss, business continuity and the ensuing national economic fallout, and many other.

As the pandemic unfolds, it is becoming more of a economic emergency than health emergency. The Virus has not only entered and affected Humans but also it has successfully made its entrance to the National Economy and has successfully resulted into dis-balance of Supply and Demand chain and flow of money. On last Tuesday i.e. 12th may, 2020 PM Modi has announced another lockdown i.e. Lockdown 4.0 which is scheduled to come into effect from 18th May. In his address to nation, PM has also announced issuance of about 20-Lakh Crore of funds as a financial package for various sectors dealing with the corona-virus pandemic. Skipping its Economical impact to be discussed by Economists, we as a Lawmen are trying to analyse its impact on legal sphere in the further discussion.

India is a common law country and most of our laws are either UK made or are heavily analogues With UK Laws. Even in this 21st century, the Procedure of our courts with regard to dealing the cases are traditional in nature. Our techniques, infrastructure, tools are the same, as they used to be in 19th century. The legal system of Country has considerably failed in keeping its update at same pace with global change in technology. Now is the High time to introspect and give to ourselves a better updated form of judicial system. Dispense of Justice is such an important task that it could not be postponed even during this crisis. The urge for better infrastructure and an updated legal system is never more needed than today. The Indian Judiciary is still a pen and paper-based system and even today most of its data are stored in the physical form of paper records. The recent development has given air to the debate regarding the need of AI update in legal systems. Recently, Many Experts have suggested to use video conferencing techniques for hearing of cases, noted that this suggestion would have been more persuasive if we had the infrastructure of such kind. However, with this injection of twenty-lakh Crore of Money in Economy, a ray of Hope is visible. May we learn lessons from our mistakes! May we not commit them again! May a better future awaits for us!

As PM has announced his pledge to make India a self-reliant country, the role of Judiciary grows even more in this situation. Being the keeper and interpreter of Constitution, it is the task of judiciary to protect all the rights of citizen and at the same time it must be done in a way not hampering the interest of Nation or the society as whole. Of-course health is of paramount interest but at the same time importance of economy of the nation cannot be ignored. Its just a matter of time, when a lot of cases will arise in front of judiciary where it will have to decide either in favour of the Health of an Individual or the Economy. The Judiciary in that situation will have to adopt a modest approach and will have to choose a path midway.

The Crisis has also affected the livelihood of Advocates throughout the country and those working in the lower Civil courts have been affected mostly. Our Company, A & S Jurisprudentia ltd in this crucial time is leaving no stone unturned to help our fellow advocates throughout the country. We are proud to announce, that We as a Company, have already prepared ourselves to deal with such emergencies and it is through our services, we are helping our clients to get all the legal services at their place with just a phone call or email. Our fully technology bases online services are turning out to be the future of legal system of our country.

For Community good: Let’s not lose our Hope! Let’s stay at Home! Let’s stay safe!

At last we Pray: सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः, सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः| May Everyone stay happy, may everyone stay Healthy.

Author: Anupam Kumar


Disclaimer: The contents of the Blogs are of personal opinion and view of the author and A & S Jurisprudentia Ltd disclaims any relevancy and authenticity of the blog.

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