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What is legal journalism?

As the name suggests, it refers to specialized reporting in the field of all things related to the concept of law. In this section, evry conducts related to legal field is to be reported. 

Our Role in Legal Journalism

A & S Jurisprudentia Ltd® brings you the latest legal news and analysis from around the country, including breaking stories, trial coverage and  law firm news as well as the legal insight of major political news. With the help and crucial insight of our associates throughout the courts in India, we keep regular, continuous and detailed vigilance over the deeds. For us and our associates out there, legal journalism is not related only to the reporting of Judgement and judicial conducts, for us it includes every thing which is happening in our society affecting or likly to affect the legal status of a person. For e.g. Police Conduct, Government Policy, Budget, Bar News etc.

For Everyone out there, its an golden opportunity to be a chain for the Cause.

If you want to bring change to the society, be a change.

Don't worry you need not be a pro-journalist for this. Just open your Phone camera and get ready...

Send your recorded videos or written reports, we will publish it here.

The News and other updates will soon be published at this page. However, till then you can keep your contact with us via our social channels.

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