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Our History

To appreciate the A&S jurisprudential Ltd®, difference, consider our history. From 1947 and also prior to it legal profession was an exclusionary culture enforced by a rigid unwritten social code. Yet two individuals, Alok Dwivedi And Sandip Gupta including with his team lalita, Ity gupta, and Viswas jaiswal defied the status quo, daring to establish a different kind of legal service company based on a radically new criterion: individual merit and quality services for our customers.

This commitment, which endures a  decade  later, has yielded a high-performing company  with a long record of success across a wide range of industries and under various law including law of crime law of immigration law of employment including govt. and pvt. Blending the best of tradition and innovation, our lawyers – past and present, in india and around the world – practice at the highest levels of the profession, delivering the highest level of client service.

Over the past  decade , we have evolved and adapted along with the law. Our clients value our ability to anticipate trends both in the law and in their specific industries. As we’ve evolved, however, we have preserved the best of traditional lawyering. In a world driven by technology, we still pick up the phone and seek the face-to-face interactions needed to cultivate solid client relationships. This is just one aspect of our professionally serious yet easy-going culture, which has inspired unusual loyalty in both our clients and our lawyers. 

Since the company was founded, we have established deep roots in the New Delhi-area entrepreneurial community, focusing considerable resources on cultivating the next generation of technology companies. We work closely with these organizations throughout their entire lifecycle, from inception through financing, growth and maturity. We host hundreds of events every year for entrepreneurs and investors, who often find new business partners before the night is over. And this is just History, Future is yet to  come:

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