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Theme: Human Genome and Human Rights


1. Pace of the technology and social change.

2. Economic concerns relating to human genome.

3. Right to genetic privacy.

4. Genetic counseling and informed consent : law and ethics

5. Patenting of human genome

6. Assisted reproductive technologies

7. Reproductive human cloning and human rights.

8. Genetic discrimination.

Award & Perks:

1st Prize: ₹ 5,000

2nd Prize: ₹ 2,100

3rd Prize: ₹ 1,100

Top 8: Publication in our Journal

Top 20: Internship Opportunity with us

Top 20: Certificates


Submission Guidelines

Last Date of Registration: July 30, 2020 (Extended)

Registration Fee: 

for Students: ₹ 500 only

for Professionals and Others: ₹ 800 only

  • No delayed submission will be accepted.

  • The Article must not exceed word limit of 4000.

  • Font- Times New Roman, Font Size: 12, Spacing:1.5, Justified Alignment

  • The Contents of the Article must not be Plagiarized.

  • The registration and Submission will be accepted via Website only.

  • Co-Authors are not allowed to Participate.

  • Each Participant is allowed to submit Article on single subtopic only.

  • Participants must adhere to these guidelines, non-compliance may lead to disqualification from the event.

Last Date of Submission of Article: Aug 15, 2020 (Extended)


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Call Us: 807-692-9875


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The Editorial & Research Board of A & S Jurisprudentia Ltd. heartily welcomes articles and proposals relevant to the Law & Society.  You may submit an article or proposal at any time. 

The Publication and Prize Money is subject to availability of slots and existence of Call for Article Event respectively.

As you prepare your submission, be certain to write for readers who have expertise in diverse areas of Law and Society, and are interested in broadening their knowledge of current research and writing in the field. Write in a readable, lucid style; avoid jargon and try whenever possible to avoid technical terms not familiar to Non-legal Readers. If you must use technical terms, carefully define each at the point in the text where the term is first used. In general, articles should be between fifteen and twenty double-spaced, typed pages in length. For style questions and citation formats, consult the Bluebook Citation 20th Edition style. All questions regarding the appropriateness of a proposal or article should be sent to the address below.

A proposal for an article should include a one-page summary of the article and a statement of its significance. Articles must be submitted electronically by email.

Send inquiries, articles, and/or proposals to: (Under Subject- Article Submission)

Alok Kumar Dwiwedi, at


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