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Documentation Services

We provide legal documentation services for drafting, vetting, registration and stamping of all kinds of legal documents, deeds, petitions, GPA, SPA, Sale deeds, lease deeds, transfer deeds, gift deeds, mortgages, wills etc.

             We also provide the services for the drafting of all kinds of court petitions by qualified Advocates.

Our services also include the registration services pertaining to the registration, formation, and incorporation of companies, partnerships, JVs, LLPs etc. We also undertake all kinds of services pertaining to the vetting of all kinds of documents, court petitions etc through highly qualified lawyers.

Our Company provides legal advice on all kinds of documentation matters. Drafting documentation and registration services of various documents, deeds, agreements, declarations are very important legal services and need to be done through highly qualified and trained legal hands hence we are maintaining a team of such legally trained persons who can perform such duties as per the requirements of the client.

Our list of Documentation services  with their respective Price as below.

  • Sale Deed 

  • Will 

  • Agreement (All Type)

  • Affidavit

  • Contract (All Types)

  • Legal Notice 

  • Reply to Legal Notice

  • GPA

  • Memorandum of Associations & Article of Associations

  • Relinquishment Deed

  • Compromise Deed

  • Misc. Applications














*Terms & Conditions for services:

The Price will include only documentation of these documents and will exclude the Delivery Charges.

All the Price values are marked in INR (Indian National Rupee)

All the charges have to be paid in advanced through our online Payment Gateway. No offline Payment except Cheque and Demand Draft will be accepted.

Documentations process will start only after the payment of mentioned Price.

The Amount mentioned after the name and type of Document is Fixed Price and No Bargaining is Available for this purpose.

The Payment of Money either by the online or offline Method will be treated as Invitition to offer only. 

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