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General Legal Consultancy Services

Price : INR 18,999/Annum*

Our Company will provide to our clients through this service package all types of legal consultancy to sort out all the general legal problems.

This General Legal Consultancy Services program will cover consultancy on following issues exclusively.
  • All issues related with Insurance.

  • Issues related with Police and Investigation.

  • Issues related with Landlord-Tenant dispute.

  • Issues related with Builder-Buyer dispute, or related to sale-purchase of property to minimize the risk or fraud.

  • Issues related with Theft, Dacoity during the Journey.

  • Issues related to Transportation services.

  • Issues concerned with civil job profile like Termination, Suspension, Illegal Retrenchment, Seniority, Promotion, Appointment etc.

  • Issues related with Electricity or Water Dispute.

  •  Issues related with Medical Negligence.

  • Issues related with Matrimonial Dispute, Property inheritance, or Property Distribution.

  • Dispute related to Bank and online Transaction.

Consultancy Services

Price : INR 1,00,000/Annum*

Political Consultancy

  • Management of Election

  • Planning of Election

  • Achar Samhita

  • Pre/Post Election Planning

*Note: This price will cover only the election candidates for Ward Parshad/Commissioner. For MLAs & MLCs the Price is 2Lakh/Annum and for MPs, 3Lakh/Annum INR.

Business Consultancy(for turnover upto 40Lakh*)

  • Fund Formation

  • Business Planning

  • Business Compliances

  • New Innovational Ideas of Planning Businesses

  • Risk Management

Price : INR 29,999/Annum*

*Note: The Plan will cost additionally 15,000 for each next 40Lakh turnovers.

Business Consultancy(for Private Limited Companies with turnover around 1 Crore*)

Price : INR 1,00,000/Annum*

*Note: The Plan will cost 1 lakh extra for each 1crore extra turnovers.

  • Fund Formation

  • Risk Management

  • Business Planning

  • Business Compliances

  • New Innovational Ideas of Planning Businesses

Bureaucratic Consultancy

Price : INR 25,000/Annum*

  • Promotion and Transfer related Issues.

  • All dispute related with Services.

  • Help in all Litigation arising out of Service condition.

  • Cadre Improvement.

Legal Consultancy Services for Educational Institution

Price : INR 1,00,000/Annum*

  • Improving quality/ Compliances

  • Legal Management

  • Risk Management

  • Due Diligence

  • Fund Formation

  • Promotion as a Brand

  • Litigation related issues

Disclaimer: This Annual Legal Consultancy Plan is Limited to Consultancy only. For any further assistance extra charges will apply. Theses charges will inclusive of all taxes but will not include extra expenses like Transportation, Delivery,  fooding and Lodging etc.

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