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A&S jurisprudential ltd ’s commitment to diversity and inclusion traces its roots to the founding of the firm in 2016. Alok dwivedi  and sandip gupta  were determined to hire the very best lawyers, based entirely on individual merit and without exclusion – an attitude that set them very much apart from others in Indian legal community of that era. Those twin traditions of excellence and inclusiveness have remained guiding forces in the company’s culture. We have brought together at the company lawyers of different backgrounds, skills, and experiences because we recognize that those individuals bring with them a diversity of thought and perspective that enriches the company’s culture and enhances the quality of our work.

We are committed to fostering an environment in which diversity of every type can flourish and in which every lawyer is positioned to thrive.

A&S jurisprudential ltd manages its efforts in this regard through its Committee on Diversity and Inclusion. Chaired by a member of the company’s Executive Committee, the Committee is comprised of lawyers of varying backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. They coordinate with the company’s Executive Committee, Department Chairs, Hiring Committee, Women's Forum, Director of Professional Development, Director of Business Development, and the Working Group on Associate Development and Retention to ensure that issues of diversity and inclusion are considered in recruiting, retaining, and advancing the firm’s lawyers, and in the delivery of the highest quality legal services to our clients.


Committee on Diversity and Inclusion: Key Contacts

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