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Since we believe that business goals and the law are inextricably intertwined, A & S Jurisprudentia Ltd. seeks to understand your business almost as well as you do. This commitment sets the stage for expert legal advice and a rewarding relationship with our clients.

A & S Jurisprudentia Ltd., a top law company with offices in new- Delhi counsels business owners from inception through financing, growth, maturity and exit. Clients seek our legal counsel in a wide range of specific matters, including ownership structure, and regulatory compliance, executive compensation, intellectual property, product distribution, financing, mergers & acquisitions and much more.  Our general business legal counseling services address all aspects of our clients’ day-to-day needs for business-oriented legal advice.

A & S Jurisprudentia Ltd. has deep experience in the areas of TechnologyLife SciencesEnergy & Clean Tech and Investment Management. We have also built an extensive record in other industries. We have a diverse client base that includes numerous start-ups, successful private businesses, investment funds and small and large publicly traded companies.

With eight decades of general business law experience A & S Jurisprudentia Ltd.  values both cost-effectiveness and creativity, even when that means finding legal solutions no one expected.


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